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I offer a wide range of the most modern diagnostic and scientific methods for all problems in gynecology and obstetrics.

General gynecology
Cervical cancer detection via the most modern method, the thin-prep pap test
HPV diagnosis and vaccination (human papilloma virus are responsible for cervical cancer)
Breast cancer screening ultrasound/sonogram with the newest technology, exact detection of the smallest tumors thanks to high end equipment
Bladder-Check via bladder-cancer-associated antigen test
Colon cancer detection via hemoglobin and haptoglobin stool test
In-house lab for detection of hormone levels in familiy planning
Birth control (contraception)
Teen consultations (contraception, HPV-education, chlamydia-tests)
Counselling in menopausal problems, in-house lab for hormone level tests
Aftercare and post-operative treatment after surgery
Examinations are done with the best ultrasound equipment available, a high frequency ultrasound of the newest generation with colour doppler and 3D/4D, maximum magnification and high resolution representation of the tiniest structures
Consultation-hours by phone after surgery hours.
Prompt information of lab results by phone, email or postal mail as you prefer
Around-the-clock-service for ordering prescriptions or making appointments Automatical recall-system for your next appointment


Endocrinology / Hormones
In adolescents
In fertility problems
In menopause
In-house lab


Counselling in questions related to pregnancy (lifestyle, prenatal diagnostic, nuchal translucency, fetal development, obstetric clinics, etc.)
In-house lab testing in order to avoid complications or diagnose them early and to ensure quick results
Blood test for detection of gestational diabetes
Regular blood controls including hemoglobin, thyroid metabolism, infectious diseases etc., urine checks and blood pressure
Ultrasound diagnostics of the tiniest embryonal structures via high resolution high end equipment, the most modern 3D/4D technology from the USA
Audio-visual detection of the first heartbeats 4 weeks after conception
Regular sonografical control of the fetal growth
Fetal pulse detector (Colour duplex sonography) of blood circulation in the placenta and fetal umbilical cord
Fetal monitor and cardiotocography with recording of fetal heartbeats, fetal movements and uterine contractions
Availability around the clock by email and phone in my practice or my private home for all my mothers-to-be